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Puke N Vomit Records

The fact that Switzerland's Vanilla Muffins aren't more well known in
the US is a tragedy or maybe it's due to the fact that until now it was
hard as heck to get their import only records in the US.

This new domestic album release compiles the best tracks from two of
their most popular records 'The Devil Is Swiss' (1997) and 'Ultra Fine
Day' (1998) both of these are certified 90s Oi! classics. All the tracks
were chosen by band leader Colin Brandle, hand picked the hottest
tracks from both records and complied the them into a single album of
pure Sugar OI! goodness. The Vanilla Muffins combine the best parts of
classic UK Oi! with a healthy dose of the smarts and catchiness
reminiscent of classic bands such as the Crack, The Macc Lads, The
Ramones, The Lurkers and Peter and the Test Tube Babies.