The Krewmen Plague of the Dead Orange Vinyl

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Phantom Chord Records

1st release on new label phantom chord.
The 4th LP from pioneering UK Psychobilly band the Krewmen finally gets reissued on vinyl. Long out of print and unavailable since it’s original release in 1986.

The Krewmen formed in 1982, starting out as a straight up Rockabilly band playing tons of classic covers.With lineup changes in the mid 80s they evolved into having a more Psychobilly flavored sound. Due to their history and years playing music and known for their excellent vocals and superb musicianship,set them apart from many of their contemporaries because they didn’t always have to play fast and furious and when needed they could slow it down and bring more of a traditional Rockabilly element to their new sound.This made them a favorite of many of the other Psychobilly bands of the era.One listen to this album and you can hear what the fuss was about in 1986 when this album was released and why it’s now considered a Psychobilly Essential.

orange vinyl only 50 pressing