GI JOE Artic Rescue vehicle Super 7 ReAction Figure

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    Snake Eyes is as tough as they come, but lost in an Arctic storm, suffering from radiation poisoning, AND attacked by a polar bear?! Even he was facing a grim end- until a Blind Woodsman came to his rescue! This G.I. Joe ReAction Arctic Rescue Vehicle Pack includes 3.75” articulated figures of the Blind Woodsman with rifle accessory, and Snake Eyes that glows red in the dark and comes with pistol and canister accessories. Also included are the dog sled and six sled dogs that help recover Snake Eyes from death’s door! Representing one of the most memorable moments in the entire G.I. Joe animated series, the G.I. Joe ReAction Arctic Rescue Vehicle set will be a coveted centerpiece in your collection!

    • Inspired by the “M.A.S.S. Device” storyline from the G.I. Joe animated TV series
    • Includes Snake Eyes and Blind Woodsman ReAction figures and accessories, dog sled, and six sled dogs
    • Snake Eyes figure glows-in-the-dark red to simulate radiation poisoning
    • 3.75” scale action figures with five points of articulation
    • Collect the entire line of G.I. Joe ReAction figures by Super7!

    action figure approx size is 3.75 inches ,

    new in package , plastic blister is in good condition,  product is pulled from master cases