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Black Color vinyl

Death's legendary, 1987 debut, "Scream Bloody Gore," is more than just an untouchable album - upon its release, it was positively genre-creating. "Scream Bloody Gore" founded the quintessential death metal sound, with more tormented riffs, screams and leads than the world had ever imagined, and established Chuck Schuldiner's inimitable phrasing and songwriting style as the most singular voice in the burgeoning genre. Like the preceding Death reissues, the deluxe reissue of "Scream Bloody Gore" has been meticulously remastered from the original tapes by Alan Douches (Death, Mastodon, Nile) and includes a plethora of bonus content, including previously unreleased recordings and rehearsal demos, super-expanded packaging and brand-new extensive liner notes from former Death drummer/Autopsy founder Chris Reifert, Sepultura's Max Cavalera, and original "Scream Bloody Gore" producer Randy Burns.