David Bowie 1969- 1973 rarities vol 2 Black Vinyl

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 black vinyl ,

side A
1. "Changes" (mono single version)
2. "Andy Warhol" (mono single version) 
3. "Starman" (original single mix) 
4. "John, I'm Only Dancing" (original single version) 
5. "The Jean Genie" (original single mix) 
6. "Drive-In Saturday" (German single edit) 
side B
7. "Round and Round" (Chuck Berry) 
8. "Time" (U.S. single edit) 
9. "John, I'm Only Dancing" (sax version) 
10. "Amsterdam" (Brel) 
11. "Holy Holy" (Spiders version)
12. "Velvet Goldmine" (B-side to the 1975 single reissue of "Space Oddity")